Transition Support


Many of our women veterans are not reintegrating back into civilian life successfully and far too many  struggle with unemployment, homelessness, depression, marital problems and substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a host of other debilitating physical, emotional and financial challenges. Tragically, many Women Veterans  do not get the help they need in a timely manner and commit suicide. Without an effective bridge to successfully fill gaps left by military experience these issues will continue as many Veterans discharged decades ago still struggle.

The WVA 48 goal is to bridge the gap for women veterans in Denton County before they experience transition road-blocks. WVA wants to ensure our military service women reintegrate back into civilian life and the civilian community successfully. This is achieved by providing women veterans with effective tools, resources, counseling, and one on one mentoring in four critical areas required to sustain a successful transition: Employment, Cultural Adaptation, Obtaining VA Benefits and Education Planning. The WVA goal is to seamlessly transition all women veterans who enter the WVA Transitional Support program through assistance and guidance, providing individual mentoring, employment assistance, financial counseling, other counseling as needed, and resource programs that close gaps and provide networking opportunities.

Let us help! If you, or any women veteran living in Denton County, you know, needs help with transitioning please contact WVA Chapter 48.5.04PrideandGlory - Womens Veterans of America 012


Chapter 48 is here for you!