Social Services

Helping and “Being There” for other Women Veteran’s is part of the WVA 48 Sisterhood. We strive each day to show our support to those who need us. Regardless, of what your need might be, you can contact our Chaplin, Eva Fulton, for guidance, prayers, and referrals. If you are in need of financial assistance please click the support application link below to complete the application and submit by email to:

WVA Chapter 48 offers services that are primarily resource-based in knowledge, skill and labor for women who reside in the Denton County area.  Request for financial assistance is carefully reviewed and may be considered as a cooperative action with another support institute, or a one-time emergency assistance from WVA 48, and requires additional information requested by this application. Please be advised that any requests for assistance is limited to a maximum of $200 each calendar year.

WVA support Application