Chapter Goals

 WVA Chapter 48 Goals

We have had a great beginning and we are proud of what this Chapter has accomplished in the first THREE years. But it is not enough. We may not be able to change the world but we can change this part of it. We are determined to see our community of Women Veterans receive the respect, honor and care they deserve. We must continue to grow, to reach out, to establish ourselves and to be there in Sisterhood Collaboration for our Women Veterans.

Example Chapter 48 meeting. All photographs by Rick Irving.



Thus, we have set some goals for year three!

We are determined to receive the honor we deserve in our community and at our Veteran celebrations.

Goal:  Continue our Public Relations Outreach and look at widening our scope in Denton County.

We are determined to reach 150 members for this Chapter.

Goal:  Have two membership family activity events/recruitment.

We are determined to help any woman Veteran who needs our help whether it be mentally, physically or financially.

Goal:  Hold Two fund raising events during the calendar year to maintain funds for financial assistance according to established guidelines.

Goal:  Improve our Care and Social Services Team by adding team members and activities to assist our women veterans and provide support as needed.

We are determined to establish a stronger Sisterhood and to partner and celebrate what we are doing as a group, eliminating barriers.

Goal:  Continue the quarterly Newsletter and establish a budget for a wider distribution.

Goal:  Celebration and partner in Participation activities with other Organizations throughout the community.

We are determined to honor our Sisters at every chance we get with the dignity they deserve and to honor the flag and country we served.

Goal:  Establish training for our Honor Guard and publish the availability of our Color Guard locally.

We are determined to meet the needs of the women veterans in our community that are not being met by establishing partnerships with existing agencies and resources where we can refer veterans in need.

Goal:  Establish a Community Partnership Committee that will research and establish partnerships with agencies who can assist our women veterans with such issues as: homelessness, transportation, and employment.

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